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I wanted to pass along some comments made a couple of weeks ago. One of the co-writers on it was John Ozier, A&R at Curb and Doug Johson's right-hand man. I got to play it for John last week and he loved it, and said he was going to play it for Doug as soon as he could corner him, which trned out to be the next day. Doug absolutely loved both the song and the demo. In fact, he said, " that's the best demo I've heard in I don't know how long. I would much rather hear that presentation than any of the $1500 demos put in front of me"...that's high praise from a big-gun. Hats off to you for your terrific work on it. I was hoping to set up 3 or 4 more guitar vocals in the next 2 weeks, if that's possible. Let me know the liklihood that we could pull that off, and what you schedule looks like.
Much Appreciation, Marc

Marc Rossi

Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you did mixing "Good Memories." As usual, my initial "hunch" that we should fly the beefy parts from lines 3 and 4 of Verse 1, to the same position in Verse 2, was wrong. The more I listen to those beautiful guitar parts in Verse 2, the more convinced I am that flying Verse 1 parts would have covered up what amounts to the best part of the tracks. You really did a masterful job of mixing this song down and if I ever make some real money out of this song, I told my wife I'm gonna host a barbecue for all the cats who played on the demo and their families, and particularly for the Packer fan who mixed it down. Great job. Look forward to working with you again in the future....lb

Les Bowron, Esq.
Human Resources Manager - Labor Relations
Metro Nashville Human Resources Dept.

Just wanted to tell you you're amazing, dude. We got the finished CDs back, and the mix sounds awesome. The mastering job is f'n solid, too, man. You could school a lot of the so-called "super producers" down there in the big smoke. I'm awed and very, very grateful.

Todd Sterling
New Mountain Productions, ON, Canada

I want to express a simple, but not-so-simple thanks to you and your Compadres for the inspiring efforts you have made with the demo recordings we have collaborated with you on at the SMASH RECORDING studio.

It has been simple and easy, in that you 'GUYS' really carried-the-ball for the essence of any song that we threw at you . As I listened to your mix on the song: 'Little Girl Smile' it was obvious to me that you put in an extra effort on some of the acoustic Guitar parts (bells and whistles) which added some great subliminal nuance to the mix... some people might take such things as this for granted and maybe not even notice how these had contributed to the over-all feel of a particular song.

I want you to know, I NOTICED... It's that extra and often neglected 'little' stuff that really pumps some of the 'Real-Deal' into a song. If Julie and I get any success from any of these recent and ongoing efforts on all of our parts, I assure you that you and your troupe will share in the attributions and the rewards...
hold me to my word.
Cheers, Kristin

A writing member of SHARP OBJECTS

What can i say.........another great session!
I listened to it about 20 times already and its is really, really nice. Great idea with the nylon string, very sweet sounding. Bobs guitar work is excellent. Drums, keys, and bass are right on the money. I feel that you and the boys are putting some serious thought into our songs. Just a great job. I love the volume swells in the quiet section, almost sounds pedal steel-like. We should be ready to send another one next week.

Thanks again.

OH MY GOSH!!!!! This is spectacular -- you brought my song to life & even better than I envisioned in my "mind's ear." I am now bowing to the guru of amazing musicianship!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

Kristin Snow

Scott Jarman just sent me the 3 (love the longest one!) versions of I Got The Green Light and Iwanted to let you know it's the most impressive demo ever done of one of my songs. I listened to the before and after and I can't hardly believe it! Awesome playing and singing! Thanks so much, you'll sure hear from us again.

Juan Albarran

Hey man, just wanted to let you know. Greg and I just got our first cut, Thanks in no small part to your awesome tracks on the demo. Baby, I'm Gone was cut last week by new artist Chancey Williams. I just wanted to thank you for helping to make it happen. You are the best, my man. We sooo appreciate you!

Dave Lenahan

Thought you might like to hear this, which I just received: It's Nu-Blu's recording of "Family Quilt," a song that Deb Berwyn and I demoed with you several years ago, with Christy Cornelius on vocals. Nu-Blu's album containing the song is scheduled for Aug. 9 release on Pinecastle Records. Thanks for all the great work you've done for me over the years. I truly appreciate it. Hope to see you soon.

Jeff Walter
Jack and Jenny Music, Nashville

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