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The Room
Located inside the famed Studio 19 building, Smash Recording clients tell us they love the "vibe" here. We have a comfortable control room with plenty of space for working out arrangements, writing charts or just listening down to your latest song.

A large tracking room puts most of the band together, which adds to the feel and groove that too much isolation can spoil. Three vocal/acoustic booths keep the final recording clear and clean.

The Gear
Plenty of history was made within these wall but today, modern recording technology offers an array of options and at Smash we are versatile in several recording formats. We use Nuendo, Cubase SX, ProTools LE and the Tascam MX-2424 for tracking and mixing.

We offer live drums and have an excellent in house kit that stays mic'ed up and ready to go.

Not everyone sings the same way or sounds their best on every mic. At Smash, we have a collection of quality microphones to get the right sound for your song and we take the time to make sure of it.

Our mic pre's and processors help give your vocal the presence and dynamics that fit your music.

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